Car Valuation By Number Plate

Car Valuation By Number Plate

Knowing how much a car is worth, is an essential part of buying and selling a car. Thankfully, it is possible to acquire a car valuation by number plate.

There are many reasons why you should know the value of a car and obviously, the main two are when you are buying or selling it!

As you can imagine, various factors are taken into consideration when a car is valued and although cars may be the same age make and model, they can all be valued differently depending on the condition.

There are many different ways you can have your car valued and many valuation are set as a guideline.  For instance, there are many books such as the (Parkers Guide To Used Cars) on the market that provide guidelines to car prices.  These books are regularly used by car dealers, the Glass’s Guide is the most common.

Remember:  If you are selling your car, you want to get the best price possible but there will be plenty of eager buyers, just waiting to barter you down to the lowest price possible.  Your car is worth more than some people would like you to believe and if you are naive, you can be taken advantage of very quickly!

The same can equally be said when you are about to buy a car.  Buying a car is a very expensive business and you really do not want to pay too much or buy a clanger!

Sadly, the motor industry has bad press and just like any other industry, there are very good people and there are people who are out to fleece you!

Ensure you don’t get fleeced by being prepared and forearmed.

TIP:  Your car is only worth what the market is willing to pay.  This meaning, that if someone really wants your car, they will be prepared to pay top price.  As we said earlier, many factors are taken into consideration when valueing a car such as milegae, overall condition, number of previous owners, expiry of MOT, service history etc.  Bearing this in mind, a good way of aquiring a rough guide as to how much your car is worth, is to simply do a little research of your own.

Website such as The Autotrader, Motors, Gumtree, Vivastreet and Ebay are great places to see how much people are selling cars of different makes and models for.  Watching listings on these over a period of time will give you knowledge as to market trends on car prices.

Acquiring Car Valuation By Number Plate Online

There are many websites that now offer car valuation by number plate.  It is a fairly easy process and one which requires you to complete an online form submitting your details and then the company will forward your valuation to your by email.

I hope you have found the information on car valuation by number plate useful and wish you every success in getting the best valuation for your car.