Parkers Used Car Prices

Parkers Used Car Prices

For years, many people have relied on Parkers used car prices.  The book has been for many, the bible of car prices and since it’s launch in 1972, it has offered thousands of car buyers throughout the UK a guide to how much the valuation of a car should be.

Not only has it offered guide prices for cars, Parkers Used Car Prices have given many car buyers the piece of mind that they will not be paying more money than they should be for a car.

Using Parkers Used Car Prices To Value Your Car

Whether you are wanting a valuation for your own car or whether you are wanting a valuation for a car that you would like to buy, Parkers Used Car Prices will offer you a guide price for that car. Basically, it works by car make, model, age, mileage, condition and other details to determine the value of the car.

The value of the car will vary, as each car is different. Although cars might be the same age, make and model, they can vary in condition and mileage.  Obviously, a car that is in very good conditions, with low mileage, will be worth more in value, than a car that is below average condition for it’s age and has high mileage.

Parkers Used Car Prices will normally give you a valuation for a car below average condition and a valuation for a car that is above average condition.  With these valuations, you will be able to determine how much you are willing to pay for your new car, or how much you would be willing to accept when you sell your car.

How Accurate Are Parkers Used Car Prices

Obviously, the ‘Parkers Guide To Used Cars’ book valuations are only guidelines and cannot guarantee that the prices listed will be the prices you will pay for a car or how much you will have to pay when you buy your car.  However, by using the book as a guideline, you will be able to distinguish  a price.  The price you pay or receive for a car, really depends on what the market is willing to pay.

The best way to aquire an average price for a car is to shop around and look at what other car dealers are advertising their cars for and then compare them with the Parkers Used Car Prices.